Cost of Care

We take pride in offering the best personalized care throughout East Idaho.

We know this will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, so we do our best to keep it affordable. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

We are pleased to accept most maternity healthcare insurance including Medicaid. The amount of out-of-pocket expenses depends on your maternity healthcare insurance coverage.

The price for a non-complicated vaginal delivery and all hospital fees for mom and baby is $5,500, which includes two nights at Grove Creek Medical Center.

Separate from this price is any lab work from blood draws, pap smears, or urinalysis that are sent out of the facility for analysis.

Patients are responsible for additional testing. We prefer that the balance is paid by time of birth; however, we understand that is not practical for every situation. We are privileged to offer some of the most extensive payment arrangements available. Please contact us for more details on our payment options.

Discontinuation of Care

If you are referred to another practitioner prior to the onset of labor due to a condition that makes out-of-hospital birth unsafe, or if you choose to discontinue your care with us for any reason prior to the onset of labor, the fee for our services will be recomputed to reflect the cost of care to that point and you will be billed for services rendered at an itemized rate.

For more information about cost of care, please contact us at 208-782-2900.

Grove Creek Medical Center Standard Charges

Thank you for taking an interest in your health care costs. Grove Creek Medical Center is providing this service to assist you in determining your out-of-pocket costs prior to electing to move forward with your procedures.

You can download the complete price list for all services in either Excel (click this link) or a comma separated value (CSV) file (click this link).

You can also download the complete price list for all standard charges by diagnosis-related group (DRG) in either Excel (click this link) or a comma separated value (CSV) file (click this link).

A cash-up-front discount delivery cost is available. Please call our facility for information and details.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call upon us at (208) 782-2900.