We love Grove Creek!!! This is our second birth that we have had done here and both times have been such an amazing and memorable experience. The amazing staff are so talented and great and they tended to every need with full understanding of what they were going into. We are beyond grateful for the things they taught us and the friendships we made. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

- Kaden G

We love grove creek!! It is such a calm and inviting medical center with great nurses who are very knowledgeable and work so hard to make sure all your needs are heard and accommodated. We will be coming back♥️

- Shaylee P

Grove Creek provided my family with such a beautiful birth experience. We will never forget the care we received on such a special day. All the extra things our care team did to make sure our birth was memorable meant so much to us. Thanks to Dr. Pugmire for managing a healthy delivery and working to provide the experience we wanted. Carolyn Posegate was so compassionate and went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable, she spoiled me my entire labor. Thank you Hailey B, Stephanie, Kelsey, Terra, Madi, Candie, & Jenny for making sure our needs were met during our stay. The entire staff was so good to us. We could never fully express how thankful we are for for the support we received during our stay. Thanks you helping us to create a unique and precious birth story!


This place has been so amazing and supportive through this birth and recovery. I am so thankful for the amazing staff especially Hailey and Tausha. They helped me through the whole process and never once made me feel like I could not do it. I truly would have another child be born here.

- Lily S

Had a wonderful experience with having our little girl here. All the nurses were very helpful and kind. Highly recommend this medical center. Hailey and Tausha definitely stood out the most with being with us during our stay and took the time to talk about everything and anything. Tausha took the time to talk with my wife when she wasn’t feeling good emotionally and helped her feel better. Loved the experience and we will return for our 2nd baby.

- Tyler H

Grove Creek provided my family with such a beautiful birth experience. We will never forget the care we received on such a special day. All the extra things our care team did to make sure our birth was memorable meant so much to us. Thanks to Dr. Pugmire for managing a healthy delivery and working to provide the experience we wanted. Carolyn Posegate was so compassionate and went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable, she spoiled me my entire labor. Thank you Hailey B, Stephanie, Kelsey, Terra, Madi, Candie, & Jenny for making sure our needs were met during our stay. The entire staff was so good to us. We could never fully express how thankful we are for for the support we received during our stay. Thanks you helping us to create a unique and precious birth story!


We have had two births at Grove Creek in the last 4.5 years and both experiences were absolutely phenomenal! With our two youngest, Grove Creek staff members made us feel so welcome and cared for. Both times, every single staff member from the doctors to the hospitality staff had friendly and helpful dispositions, offered expert advice, and made us feel at home. Breastfeeding support and natural health methods are common practice there and we saw an immense difference between another local hospital (with our first born) and Grove Creek. Aside from the actual stay and experience, Bingham’s billing department is also SO much simpler and stress free to work with. From top to bottom, you can tell they genuinely care about their community and the patients they see. Thank you for another beautiful birth this month Grove Creek! ❤️

- Brittany

My last two births have been at Grove Creek, and I am very happy to say that! Two years ago I had my daughter and everything went so smoothly! This year we had our second son and though it was fast and scary, the entire staff was there to help me find my brave to give birth naturally! Everyone in the facility is so kind and ready to help with anything they can. I will recommend GC over and over again!


We got to experience one of the biggest, most important, most cherished, moments in our lives with your people. They treated us so well. Continuously made sure we had what we needed and had all our questions and concerns answered. Would recommend grove creek to anybody. Big shoutout to our overnight nurses, Avery and Candie for being so supportive and helping us every step of the way.

- Stedtfeld f

We chose to have our baby at Grove Creek! The staff is super friendly I called ahead and they were ready and had a room. I had anxiety and the nurses reassured me every step of the way! I loved my whole experience and Dr.Casper was amazing at delivering our baby girl

- Laura

Our experience was phenomenal. The location was very warm and cozy. That being said… The staff was by far the best part. We are a very unique couple with very outgoing personalities. They took us in with a grain of salt and really made us feel more than just another patient. They were all very professional and fully capable of answering any questions we had. If there was a question one didn’t know, they made sure to work together to get the right answer.

We especially want to give a shout out too our delivery team: Avery, Kelsey, Terrah, Nichole, Sierra and our Doctor Christine Black.

Thank you team Grove Creek. Without any one of you, we would not have succeeded. We got it from here.

~The Russell Family

- Stevie R

We came in to have our baby on Monday the 27th to get induced. We had our sweet girl on the 30th after 44 hours of labor and an emergency C section. I cannot say enough amazing things about the facility and the staff. Our first night there, we had Lili as our nurse and she was AMAZING. She answered all of our questions and calmed our new parent nerves. The next morning we had Carolyn and I am sure anyone who has delivered a baby in the Blackfoot area in the last 40 years know of Carolyn. Not only is she an amazing OB nurse who helped me in ways I’ll never be able to put into words, she also helped deliver me when I was a baby so it was very special that she was there during our stay. The day we delivered we had Hailey as our day nurse. Hailey knows it all. She’s got all the answers to the hard questions and she helps ease nerves. She understood the pain I was in and helped talk me through it. By the time we realized my girl wasn’t going to come naturally, the whole crew gathered and got me rushed into C Section. Again, I cannot say enough about the staff here. We love Dr. Black and everything she did for us during my pregnancy. She absolutely saved my babies life by her quick actions to get her. Everyone gathered to work on her and get her healthy enough for skin to skin. All in all, though it was a traumatic 44 hour labor, the staff at Grove Creek made it an unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever!!

- Amy F

We loved having our sweet baby at Grove Creek! Doctor Pugmire was so wonderful and was there for us every step of the way! We had the best nurses who took the best care of both the baby and I! They answered all of my questions and helped so much through the breastfeeding journey! I couldn’t recommend Grove Creek enough! Avery was there every night with us and helped us so much in preparing, during, and after the birth, she was so amazing. Sierra was so personable during the day of induction, she wasn’t afraid to stay and just talk to us and help us learn, prepare, and be comfortable with this new experience. Taler was so good to walk us through having a new born and guide with breast feeding. Aimee was also so great to educate us with breastfeeding dos and don’ts, nipple care, expectations with breastfeeding and all sorts of good information. The other support staff (Candie & Amber) were so sweet and kind and made us even more comfortable here.
I wish the visiting hours weren’t so set in stone, or maybe have the designated quiet time be the time for no visitors. We are very family oriented and wished we could’ve had that emotional support and share our new baby with them. It was incredibly sad to send them away so that we could feed our baby not knowing if they would be able to come back in that night.


This is our second child with grove creek. We absolutely love our first experience with them and drove 2 hours to make sure we had another. They have top notch staff, very, very, accommodating, helpful, and welcoming. The food is amazing as well. Too bad this is our last child. Thank you grove creek medical really appreciate your care and compassion.


Amazing experience. First birth, went so smooth. Couldn’t have had a better experience during my birth and excellent postpartum care. If this place was a resort there would be a waiting list a mile long. The nurses and support staff are something spectacular. Hailey and Amber were a part of our care team. Would rate them 10/10.

- Sarah D

The Grove Creek staff made this momma feel so comfortable and safe during labor and recovery. I had a great experience welcoming my little guy into this world with their help!❤️

- Tajah S

This is my 2nd baby at Grove Creek and the experience was amazing. Every single nurse we had during our stay were so helpful and they went above and beyond. My two favorite nurses were both named Hailey. Blond Hailey did so much for us. She took good care of baby and always brought us drinks and anything we needed. Brunette Hailey made me feel at home and was a great person to talk to. She brought in a recliner just so Dad was more comfortable. Being pregnant herself, she did everything with a smile. Every nurse was amazing I just wish I could remember their names. The day after birth, we were treated with massages. We were also given a drink menu with the cutest drink names. Our favorites were Due Date and Kick Count. Our new baby boy was taken care of so well I never had any worries or doubts. I will always recommend Grove Creek. Thank you guys so much for everything. Our stay here is a memory I will always remember.


First time momma here! Thank you so much for everything over the last 3 days. The care I received at grove creek was world class. Thanks for treating me and my family with respect. The nurses were all super compassionate and made sure we had everything we needed and wanted answering all my questions. We had the best experience! We are so grateful for you and your practice! Thank you to Dr. Black, Carolyn, Kelsey ,Taler

- Laura

My partner and I had our first baby at Grove Creek and the people there were absolutely amazing. They made sure that I was as comfortable as possible during labor and helped us through the rough side of things as well as helping teach my partner how to help me and what to expect. After the baby was here they were so helpful through the first couple of nights as we adjusted to being parents. I struggled with feeding the first night and the staff was so incredible and so supportive in helping both me and the baby and not making me feel embarrassed with learning on what to do.

- Sarah S

Grove Creek was amazing! While I was pregnant they were always so good at taking me in for any concern that I had and reassuring me that everything was okay. During my labor and delivery experience All of the nurses were so supportive and helpful and did so well at checking up on me to see if I needed anything, if I was comfortable, etc. Sierra was an INCREDIBLE nurse who made me feel so supported and helped me through the hard parts of labor – she stuck by my side and made sure I was okay at all times. Avery was also an incredible nurse who was there during my birth and helped me so much, I couldn’t have done it without them. My after stay at the birthing center was amazing as well – all of the nurses were so helpful with breastfeeding tips, soothing tips, etc. and I never felt any judgement from them and they were always there if I needed help with anything as a first time mom. I left feeling prepared and knowledgeable on a lot of things I didn’t know before thanks to all of their advice and guidance.

- Abriella L

Grove creek truly made july 7, 2023 a magical and memorable day for me and my husband. The staff was amazing! (Avery, lacie, Stephanie, ivy, sierra, amber, Melissa, Jenny and Madi.) And of course dr black who did more then just be a provider and deliver my baby, she was there every step of the way and encouraged and supported any and all of my decisions. Grove creek took very good care of me and my family during our stay! I will be recommending them to everyone!

- Candie

My labor and delivery experience on June 26, 2023 was everything I could have hoped for! I was nervous about being able to make it through an unmedicated delivery. But, with the help of my amazing nurses, Aimee, Madi K. and Lacee, as well as my partner Troy, I was able to do it! They were the best support team! They also made my desire to breastfeed so easy. I was able to have skin to skin contact with my baby girl for hours before she was even weighted, measured, etc. This provided me with the bonding experience I had hoped for! I would choose Grove Creek time and time again. Thank you so much !

- Kailoni P

Our experience at Grove Creek was unforgettable! We welcomed our perfect little boy at the beginning of June and couldn’t have asked for a better place to give birth! The nursing staff was so kind and helpful. They made me, my husband, and our son feel like family during labor and postpartum care.
The food provided was 5-Star worthy and the facilities made us feel like home. We were fans of the nugget ice machine too!! Big thank you to all of the staff that made our stay so wonderful as we welcomed our first child! 10/10 would recommend!!

- Hannah J

I can’t recommend Grove Creek Medical Center enough. This is my second delivery here and I loved it just as much this time around as I did last time. The staff takes such great care of us. My labor was especially long this time and they always made me feel like I was the only patient here. They did everything they could to keep me comfortable and answered all my questions.

- Makenzie B

Thank you so much for your support

- Bethany B

Grove creek has been one of the most magical experiences during my delivery and stay! We have been so pleased with the level of care and compassion provided by all the staff! My delivery nurses Aimee and Sierra were the most supportive and encouraging during my labor with doctor Casper who was amazing as well! I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery! During my stay the nurses providing my new little one and I care were superior! I felt the care and love from every single one (Avery, Candie, Jenny, Melissa, Lili), I will be forever thankful for the them looking after us with such care and compassion. I will absolutely be recommending grove creek to anyone looking for the best quality care for their family.

- Makayla

This is my third time being here to deliver a baby and I have enjoyed each time. Staff is very kind and helpful. I would recommend this birthing center to anyone looking for a good experience in having their baby.

- McKenzie B

Kelsey was hands down the best nurse I have ever had! She is life changing. She was supportive knowledgeable understanding and just overall an amazing person! My experience at grove creek was not like the others it was amazing!

- Katarina W

I LOVED my experience at Grove Creek, The staff is so friendly and everyone is willing to help you out/always asking what they can do for you. We had our little guy born here and the nurses that helped us were so knowledgeable, and so kind, and taught me so much about myself and how to care for our first little one. Avery, Colette and Carolyn were our main nurses and they did an amazing job! They helped explain everything to me and took care of every thing I needed. (Including phones calls in the middle of the night with concerns after being discharged). I really don’t know what I would have done without them and the rest of the staff, I had no idea what I was going into and they took my hand along the way and walked me through everything. Seriously so much better experience then having the baby at a hospital, definitely going to go here again with our next. We love Grove Creek Medical center! Thank you so much!!!

- Jennifer

They provide a lot comfort and stick with you ever step of the way. 100% on top of everything! They did an amazing job with us. Thank you Grove Creek.

- Alexandra

Grove creek is an amazing place the staff here are fantastic and they take such great care of you. It’s so nice here and I love it. I had such an amazing experience here at grove creek

- Makayla M